Saturday, September 8, 2007

Comparing World 'Leaders'

Whatever one may think about the ideologies of various international 'leaders', it is a fact that George Bush Jr. would be bested in any comparison with Usama bin Laden, whether based on personal intelligence, courage or the ability to make a memorable declaration.

Usama bin Laden has another advantage in the services of a highly talented American writer named Adam Gadahn, although the assumption by an American 'senior intelligence official' that bin Laden's latest video 'has Adam Gadahn written all over it' is a little arrogant. After all, bin Laden always was extremely articulate and lyrical both in past interviews and speeches. It did not require the services of an 'American' to give his declarations power.

In a new video released by al Qaeda, Usama bin Laden aptly declares that Bush is 'like the one who plows and sows the sea: He harvests nothing but failure.'
In all fairness, this is not an original comparison. It is derived from an old proverb. Nonetheless, it is both accurate and eloquent. Arabic is a language that lends itself to poetry and verbal elegance, and Arab and Muslim leaders never have been afraid of making lyrical statements in political and social contexts.

Unfortunately, perhaps, Western cultures have rebelled against the old Victorian flowery verbiage that made poets like Swinburne immortal. Nonetheless, in any contest, Bush's response that 'it's important that we show resolve and determination to protect ourselves, deny al-Qaeda safe haven and support young democracies' demonstrates his failure to learn anything of consequence, despite his many years in high office. He is the proverbial 'broken record', repeating the same bits of nonsense again and again.

In fact, the best weapon that Bush could muster on the public relations front recently was a confession that he is a man who weeps often and copiously! If that were intended to soften the hearts of a world grown weary of his endless deceits, bare-faced lies and shameless glory-mongering, it is simply another example of the pathetic nature of the man.

Although bin Laden's assurance that the best solution to the conflict in Iraq would be universal acceptance of Islam is simplistic and poses far more questions than it answers, there is no doubt that George Bush's 'vison' of democracy led by the American military industry and multi-national corporations cannot be considered desirable in any world.

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