Saturday, August 25, 2007

'My name is Baghdad'

The illusions under which the obscene invasion of Iraq began are in tatters. Those who supported the war with enthusiasm in their arrogance, believing that the wealth and power of the West could force its brand of 'democracy' upon the world now are becoming weary of the lives lost on THEIR side. If they only had listened from the start and had bothered to study the situation, they would not have supported the invasion of Iraq in the first place. It reminds me of Mrs. Beare in 'Mother and Son' who lamented, 'Why do our boys have to die? What can't it be only their boys?' (* see note)

In any case, here is a beautiful lament for Baghdad sung by Tina Arena with a powerful visual statement about the war, a nation now in ruins because of the arrogance and greed of corrupt Western leaders and their gullible 'subjects' who were willing to follow them blindly into this endless 'engagement' of dishonour and shame.

Here is 'Je m'appelle Baghdad':

One final point: The archaeological and cultural wonders destroyed by the Western invasion of Iraq had far more intrinsic value to the entire world and civilisation in general than the World Trade Centre ever could have possessed. Yet the hype about the events of 11 September never ends... Unfortunately, it is that sort of tunnel vision that set those events in motion. What is called 'terrorism' often is the only weapon available to the dispossessed and disenfrancised.

*Maggie Beare's lament is paraphrased. I need to watch that episode again.

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