Sunday, October 12, 2008

King Charles I and President Saddam Hussein

Tonight, PBS aired a programme about the trial of Saddam Hussein. There appeared to be some surprise as to the strategy of the defence, which was to deny consistently the legitimacy and jurisdiction of the tribunal. Why should this be a surprise to any one with any knowledge of history? It is the same argument used by King Charles I against Cromwell's henchmen. He simply consistently denied the jurisdiction of the court to judge him. Both Charles I and Saddam Hussein were executed. Both would have been executed whatever arguments they had put forward in courts determined to make their deaths a reality. In point of fact, both Charles I and Saddam Hussein demonstrated dignity and courage when faced with death and a staunch determination not to lend their enemies one iota of false legitimacy. Neither were fools. Neither were blinded by the desperate need that a coward has to save his skin at any price.

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