Friday, January 26, 2007

Crowd Control through Technology

It could be something from a science fiction novel, but in fact, the U.S. military has created and tested a 'heat ray gun' that shoots a beam of such intense heat at its targets that the individuals feel enveloped in flame. The military's euphemism for this torture device is 'active denial system'.

Marine Colonel Kirk Hymes, director of the 'non-lethal weapons' programme at Quantico, boasts that the heat ray gun is 'one of the key technologies for the future' and declares that 'non-lethal weapons are important for the excalation of force, especially in the environments our forces are operating in.'

Apart from being guilty of leaving prepositions dangling at the end of sentences, one suspects that Hymes and his cohorts are involved in programmes primarily designed to suppress domestic and international human rights such as freedom of speech as well as the freedom to demonstrate against unpopular policies, leaders and governments.

Another new product of technology is 'ShockRounds' by Technosis, a type of bullet that delivers an intense electrical shock to the victim. In the words of its manufacturers, 'the delivery of this high voltage pulse to the nervous system of the individual target causes a temporary "shutdown" of voluntary neurological activity, which, in turn, provides the opportunity to subdue and restrain the target before revival.' I don't suppose a 'non-lethal' weapon of this sort could cause heart attack, seizure or death.

Superpowers like the U.S. never have been reluctant to cause 'collateral damage' in their 'military strikes' or other actions taken in undeclared wars throughout the world. One really doubts that any one involved in the 'military machine' actually would choose 'non-lethal force' over a weapon that kills in dealing with its targets outside the United States. Actually, a massacre at a place called Waco in Texas provides chilling evidence that U.S. government agencies operating within the U.S. itself prefers lethal to non-lethal force in dealing with its 'enemies'.

What then is the real purpose of a 'heat ray gun' and other 'non-lethal' weapons like sonic devices that cause intense nausea? The Zionists, always ahead of the game where military technology and terrorism are concerned, have been using a device they affectionately named 'The Scream' against Palestinians for a couple of years now. The U.S. is using a sonic device in Iraq, in tandem with more mainstream explosives and firearms. Many new devices and weapons are tested on battlefields where lawsuits for negligence or recklessness cannot be brought against the manufacturers. In fact, historically speaking, the U.S. actually has created armed conflicts in the past primarily in order to boost the economic interests of the armaments industry. Without war or the threat of 'terrorism', these businesses might be hard-pressed to turn a profit.

I submit that the primary purpose of 'non-lethal' weapons is to silence protest and keep the public under control. Political protests are the real target of weapons such as these. The idea that there might be some humanitarian impulse at work in designing 'non-lethal' weapons for use in combat is ludicrous. These are weapons that are being designed for use in domestic situations against U.S. citizens and the public needs to be made aware of this fact before it is too late. What is truly frightening about these weapons is the fact that they can be made almost invisible. They do not look like guns or other weapons that an ordinary individual would recognise. They look almost like television satellite dishes and can be mounted almost anywhere, on the side of a building or a vehicle. They could be installed in every public place and switched on whenever the government felt the need to 'control' a crowd. In fact, it is possible that private businesses and individuals would be able to purchase the technology as well as 'anti-crime' devices.

Unfortunately, the general public demonstrates little anxiety or even interest where matters like this are concerned. Even when so-called 'non-lethal' weapons are shown to be quite lethal, the general public continues to believe the myths by which they were marketed. 'Rubber bullets' for example, can be deadly and are used to murder Palestinians on a regular basis. In fact, a 'rubber bullet' is not a rubber bullet at all. It is a steel bullet with a thin rubber coating. Used at short range, it is as deadly as any other bullet. Journalists have written articles to this effect for years but the 'general public' still believes that a 'rubber bullet' is a harmless device used simply for 'crowd control' rather than a weapon used to further decimate the Palestininan population. For those who have little interest in events in Palestine, it is worth noting the fact that 'rubber bullets' have been used against political demonstrators in the U.S. as well.

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Fleming said...

It's very good that you have brought these points out.

Remember crowd control in 'BRAVE NEW WORLD', where rioters end up happily dancing when sprayed with the right stuff? That may not be preferable to the nonlethal pain inflicters you describe, but at least it would not be agonizing.

Until the Bush/Blair era I thought the world was developing more toward the gentler totalitarianism of 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' than the tortures of '1984', but now I wonder.